The content of this fifth edition of the Importing Asta Nielsen Database shows various options how to find information from trade papers and local papers about the distribution and exhibition of Asta Nielsen films, on both national and local levels, or in relation to persons who have been connected to Asta Nielsen and her films (from actors, directors, lecturers and bandleaders to authors of reviews and articles). Access to journals and newspapers is based on microfilmed versions or on digitized versions (with or without full text research functions).

The database covers all 27 Asta Nielsen films released before the First World War, and also Asta Nielsen’s live performances in pantomimes. Most remarkable are the advertising campaigns for Asta Nielsen films in the British and in the Russian trade press. Digitized local newspapers allow research on the exhibition of Asta Nielsen films in a given city or town, during a certain period of time as for instance several months or even several programming seasons. Microfilmed as well as digitized local newspapers may provide rich information on local exhibition practices (see among others the examples of Freiburg, Hamburg, Prague, Innsbruck, Graz, Barcelona and Reykjavík). Surprisingly, even reviews and articles on Asta Nielsen’s acting style can be found (as in Prague, Graz, Lviv, and Rio de Janeiro). The outstanding progress of digitizing local newspapers in Australia and New Zealand opens promising perspectives as for instance mapping the distribution of single films and even film copies.

Some data sets (see British trade press, Netherlands Indies or Berlin, Mannheim, Metz, Reykjavík, and Barcelona) are related to articles published in the conference proceedings: Importing Asta Nielsen (Martin Loiperdinger and Uli Jung, eds). Others are related to seminar papers (Budapest, Prague) or to a Bachelor thesis (Freiburg), or to an article written for the database (The Abyss in Łódź).

The current Importing Asta Nielsen Bibliography on worldwide distribution and exhibition of all Asta Nielsen films released before the First World War is listed here.

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